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About Public Utility

We aim to "cooperate with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government to facilitate its administration through events and public relations activities for the citizens of Tokyo, and to contribute to the improvement in welfare of the citizens". To achieve the aim, we conduct the following projects.

Essay Contest

For the junior high school students who live in or who are in schools in Tokyo, we conduct the "Tokyo Tomorrow" essay contest every year.
The contest has been conducted every year since 1992, and it aims to contribute to development of personality and creativity of the junior high school students who will play major roles in various fields in the future.


We invite the people in Tokyo (live in, work in, or go to school in Tokyo) to various events.
We conduct these events aiming that the people in Tokyo feel  the administration of Tokyo close to them, as well as to attract their attention and raise their interests in Tokyo.

Projects for promoting social welfare

To achieve the aim of establishment, "contributing to the improvement in welfare of the citizens", we deposit part of our profit in the Tokyo Council of Social Welfare, Tokyo Good Will Bank every year.